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The Albright family has "brightened your home" since 1978. Continuing the tradition, Albright's Flooring Company is family owned and operated, serving both residential and commercial customers. Our goal as a floor covering company is to provide you with quality service and a professional installation. We offer a wide variety of flooring products. Whatever your floor needs may be, Albright's has you covered.

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  We used Albright's when we purchased our home in August. We went by the showroom and began looking at carpet samples and felt very overwhelmed until a sales rep came out and asked if we needed any help. He introduced himself as Chuck, and we explained that we purchased a home and wanted to change out the carpet. He asked were we looking for something in particular and of course we weren't so he recommended looking at the carpet they carried in stock in their warehouse. This made a lot more sense. In the warehouse, Albright's keeps huge rolls of carpet from builder's grade to the most high-end carpet you can purchase. It is there you can see and feel what a larger piece of carpet will look like. Chuck explained the differences in the numerous rolls of carpet and let us make a decision without any pressure. Naturally, the wife picked the most expensive carpet in the warehouse. However expensive, it is the softest, most tightly woven, durable carpet I've ever walked on. Not to mention, we had left over carpet they were able to bind the edges and create a nice living room rug. I have recommended Albright's to others in the market for flooring and would use them again. It's been a year since our carpet install and we have had no issues. The carpet has not needing stretching in any room.

-Adam Hawkins

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